Tour Intro

Qatar is an Islamic country with beautiful mosque located all around the country. Join us on this tour and explore religious architecture and practices.

  • Your guide will collect you at any location in Doha.
  • Visit Imam Abdul Wahab also known as the Grand Mosque, a mosque where you can also see the beauty of city skyline.
  • See a mosque covered with mosaic tiles located at Katara Cultural Village, The Blue Mosque.
  • Last stop is a mosque that has an amazing architecture, Qatar Foundation Mosque.
  • Your guide will drop you off at any location in Doha.
  • All guides are first aid certified.
  • All guides are bilingual (different languages available at your request)..
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Please aware that all timings approximate and may vary depending on traffic and weather conditions.Below is the breakdown for each section of the tour.

Meal Plan This tour will include the following meals:
  • Refreshments (Water, tea)
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Do's & dont's

With every package, it's important to keep in mind what you can and can not do in order for you to make most of the trip.Below you will find a list of things that we advice you follow.

What to do
  • Use greetings and formalities as they are particularly important when dealing with the Locals.
  • Dress modestly, Qatar is a Muslim country with conservative dress codes.
  • Use a high-factor sunblock on all exposed skin year-round.
What not to do
  • Look or stare at people closely no matter how fascinating their dress is.
  • Ask an Arab lady for information or directions if you are a man. Take a photograph without permission of people, particularly locals and police/armies.
  • Drink too much alcohol.
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The Masjid Experience
  • Guide will collect and drop you off
  • Explore Imam Abdul Wahab Mosque (Grand Mosque)
  • The Blue Mosque the Katara Cultural Village
  • Qatar Foundation Mosque
  • First aid certified tour guide
  • 4 Hours Duration







Child Rate


Qr. 600

Qr. 300

Qr. 200

Qr. 170

Qr. 140

Qr. 120

If you have any questions , please do not hesitate to call one of our agents.
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